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Since the beginning of Television in Brazil in 1950, J. Silvestre shined with great success and creativity in the "small screen". CLICK and "see Article"- How J. Silvestre and the history of Brazilian Television are connected.

"Jota" Silvestre during decades innovated presenting, among other programs, "O Céu é o Limite", on TV-Tupi of Rio de Janeiro . "O Céu é o Limite", of J. Silvestre, was the precursor of all question and answer (QUIZ SHOW) programs of the Brazilian TV.

J. Silvestre established historical rating records, to this date unmatched! It was the beginning of the time of the slogan "absolutamente certo!"  

It was during this period that the "Masters of Ceremony", slowly gained space and became "owners of their show time".

Still on TV-Tupi other well known successes were:
"Show Sem Limite",  "Esta é a Sua Vida", "Domingo Alegre da Bondade""O Carnê da Girafa", and "Programa J. Silvestre" The first "Talk Show" of the Brazilian TV.  
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The President is Dying"...

Book based on real events of  the Presidential change in  Brazil ...

Tancredo Neves a  great men. The hope that did not turn into reality ...  democracy arrives ...

Many times, you would think that this is a real story. Nevertheless, it is not. It is a real fiction.

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  Show Sem Limite.. J. Silvestre.. O Céu é o Limite.. Esta é a Sua Vida!.. 50 anos de TV.. Audiência Absoluta!!!

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