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J. SILVESTRE started his professional career on radio, in the year of 1941, acting as speaker. From 41 to 45 he worked at Radio Bandeirantes, in the 
capital of São Paulo, gaining experience as an actor, sound-Tech, Stage-Tech, trainer and writer and author. He wrote  during this period his first stories, 
novels and parts for radio novels (theater), with a production in this field that grew quickly. 

In 1945 he moved to Radio Tupi, in Rio de Janeiro, where he went on to carry through his first work in Marketing at Standard Propaganda.

In the following year he came back to São Paulo and to the radio novels (theater), in Radio Cultura, as an actor, writer, author and director. It was in this station, in 1947, that he initiated his career as entertainer and host of a TV Show for new talents. 

He returned in 1950 to Radio Tupi and in the month of September he participated, as "Master of Ceremony" (MC Host), of the first television transmission on TV Tupi Television in experimental character, in a program starring Frei Jose Mojica. From this moment forward, he was more and more absorbed by Television.

In 1952 he moved again to São Paulo, remaining on TV-Tupi, and it was at that time, one of the first Brazilian professionals to write and to interpret soap operas. Amongst them, the most predominant one: "Os Quatro Filhos".

He accumulated, in the course of four years, vast experience in short-stories, soap-operas and radio novels (theater). (He found time to experience theater as an actor and author in the "Teatro ARENA" and it was in 1956, on Television, that J. Silvestre registered his great success as M. C. of "O Céu é o Limite"

Already working exclusively in the Television, inaugurating several stations all over the country, he could still be dedicated to Marketing (Propaganda) and lived a professional period of continuous trips in the axle Rio de Janeiro -- São Paulo, to take care of the commitments in these two cities. With the advent of "Embratel", he launched the first NETWORK Program in Brazil, "DOMINGO ALEGRE DA BONDADE", originally on TV-Tupi of Rio de Janeiro. 

In 1972 he moved away from Television, coming back in 1976 with only one journalistic, daily, late night show. During the period he was absent from the "small screen", he was dedicated to his book: "Como Vencer na Televisão" ("How to Win on Television") available to the Brazilian readers. 

J. Silvestre - was invited by the President of the Republic and nominated President of Rádiobrás in Brasilia during the term of President João Figueiredo

J. Silvestre proceeded to follow his career in the 80's, on SBT "Show Sem Limite", "A Mulher é um Show" and on to TV Bandeirantes with  "Programa J. Silvestre" in the same format as "O Show Sem Limite" and another show was: "Essas Mulheres Maravilhosas". Always with great success, and always a leader in the ratings. Still on TV Bandeirantes, J. Silvestre created a new daily series of prize programs and varieties introducing new talented hosts. 

J. Silvestre in special presentations on TV Globo, featured personalities such as: Renato Aragão and "Xuxa" through one of his known segments: "Esta é a Sua Vida" ("This is Your Life"). These "Special Presentations" were repeated various times at Rêde Globe de Televisão.
Again in 1997, on TV Manchete in a new program

"Domingo Milionário"
("Millionaire Sunday")

For the 1st. time, J. Silvestre did not have participation in the production or formularization of this program. The program never reflected his ideas. 

J. Silvestre always said that he enjoyed his work; so much that he felt he should pay to perform. J. Silvestre adored his profession.

J. Silvestre, native of São Paulo of the city of "Salto", married, four children "men" and with his family he was always divided between his residences of Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and Flórida in the United States. 

"Silver" Wedding Anniversary 
Rio de Janeiro - Lagoa Church  

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